About Us

About Grower's Edge

Here at Grower's Edge our goal is to provide excellent customer service, education and products to our customers at the lowest cost possible. We know how hard it is to get started on a minimum budget that is why we offer 10% off all market suggested retail pricing to every customer. We also do huge sales every three months where everything in our store is marked down 20%! We guarantee we can get you started no matter what your budget . We have several years of experience under our belt in hydroponics, aeroponics, and soilless gardening. We have experimented with over 7 different nutrient lines and different types of growing media. We love helping all types of gardeners whether beginner or advanced, hobbyist or professional to achieve healthy plants and maximum yields! 

A Bit About the Owners

Dan, originally from grand Rapids, moved to Summit County, Colorado five years ago to be a ski bum where he met Jennifer, originally from Indiana who had recently moved to Colorado to live in the mountains. They met their first week there and recently got married last August. They both worked at Neils Lunceford, a plant nursery for a few years and then moved on to managing The Hydro Shack, an indoor garden supply store. They loved the gardening business so much that they decided to move back home and open their own store. They both have lots of knowledge of the gardening industry, popular products, and new technologies from working at The Hydro Shack. They would love to share their knowledge and different gardening experiences with you and help you to succeed as a gardener whether for fun or for profits!